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  Medical Cannabis Recommendations for Qualifying Patients

What is the appointment like?

You will be presented with your patient intake forms. It will take approximately 10 to 15 minutes to complete the forms. After you complete the paperwork, you will then be introduced to the doctor. The doctor will then discuss your medical history and current condition for which you would like to use medical Cannabis. You will discuss with the doctor your documentation that confirms whether or not you qualify. You will be able to discuss with the doctor how Cannabis might work regarding your condition. If you qualify, you will receive your medical Cannabis paper recommendation before you leave the office.

Who does the medical evaluation?

All medical Cannabis evaluations are conducted by a California State licensed MD.

Do I need an Identification Card?

Be Legally Green LLC offers interested clients an opportunity to obtain an identification card. This ID card is simply an additional form of identification (similar to a student ID card). This card does not serve as a county and/or state ID card, and does not take the place of a physician recommendation letter. When using your identification card, you should have your recommendation with you as well.

If you are interested in obtaining a state or county card, please contact your local county and/or state office regarding details. Please note: Be Legally Green LLC does not have details regarding obtaining state and/or county cards.

What do I need to bring into my appointment?

Physicians suggest you bring as much information describing your reasons for seeking a Medical Cannabis recommendation as possible. Please bring in a valid form of California ID (a temporary along with a photo ID will suffice) along with any medical documentation describing the reason (s) you are applying for a medical cannabis recommendation.

How old must I be to be evaluated at your office for Medical Cannabis?

Nobody will be admitted under the age of 18.

What kind of medical records do I need to provide?

Depending on your diagnosis, anything from current prescriptions, doctor’s notes, chiropractic records, X-rays etc. may be required. I know that I have a qualifying medical condition but I do not have any documentation to prove my condition. Can I still obtain a physician's recommendation? If you have a valid medical condition, but you do not have your documentation readily available, you may come in for the evaluation and if you qualify, you may receive a recommendation. Please see your local county office for a list of free clinics.

Will my visit and records stay private?

All records are kept completely confidential.