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Verification Guidelines

Having difficulty verifying?
Please take note of the following guidelines.

If the problem persists, feel free to call us at 650.669.4062 and we will be happy to verify the patient over the phone.

Enter only the first and last name of the patient, leaving out all prefixes such as Mr. and Miss. and all suffixes such as Jr. and III.

Make sure both the first and last name are capitalized

Double check that the Recommendation/ Member number is a 4-digit number, with no spaces added in-between.

The recommendation/ member number is located at the lower left of the recommendation letter right above the doctorís signature, or the lower right of the Medical Cannabis Patient ID card, below the patientís photo.

If the online verification is still unable to verify, please ask the patient to double check that their name is correctly spelled on the ID card and give us a call and we will promptly look into the issue.

If the online verification is unable to verify, note the patientís recommendation number and give us a call! Thank you so much for your cooperation and teamwork in providing a safe and secure business.

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